12 Reasons to Blog

In recent months, I’ve been creating content for everyone ... except Crossbridge that is. It’s always good to be in demand, but it's produced some unexpected consequences.
This became clear when a client commented on the blog and mentioned the reduced posting frequency. It’s good to know people are reading your business blog, but his remarks drove home this point: 
Contrary to perception, blogging is alive, well and growing, because both existing and potential clients value quality content.
It was a timely reminder. If you're trying to manage the competing demands of multiple social media venues, there are 12 solid reasons why your company should maintain an active blog:
  1. Ad infinitum.  What you post now works for you around the clock 24/7, 365 days a year. This year, next year and for years to come.
  2. Building blocks. Blog content can be leveraged in multiple ways. Blog first, then promote the content and your brand through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, print, email and more.
  3. Business as usual. In today’s business landscape, a stagnant blog sends an unreadable signal. Is the company defunct or just busy? Confusion causes uncertainty and uncertainty sends customers elsewhere.
  4. Blog-only benefits. Blogs are the ideal place to make special offers that attract, build and reward loyal readers/customers.
  5. Centralized communications. Pin, tweet and tag to your heart’s desire, but savvy, time-conscious customers are seeking central repositories where they can efficiently find useful, reliable information rather than an endless series of one-liners, broken links, quirky quips or (yet another) string of pretty pictures.
  6. Constant contact. Blogging helps you sustain constant, steady contact with customers, vendors, suppliers and prospects.
  7. Critical mass.  Building core content mass boosts SEO results and establishes you as an industry leader.
  8. Differentiation. Now more than ever, quality content helps you stand out from your competition.
  9. Expert status. Not all blogs or bloggers are created equal, but if you produce a steady stream of solid content, it will build or reinforce your status as an expert in your field. This effect is exponentially magnified if competitors have abandoned or neglected their blogs.
  10. Findability. Frequent posts raise your online profile and improve search engine results.
  11. Open channel.  Blogs serve as a reliable venue where you can solve problems, ask for feedback, develop new products, promote upcoming releases, respond to crises or concerns, and much more.
  12. Relationships. Blogs help solidify new and existing relationships, in the same way print newsletters did in the past.
So how often should you post to your business blog? To grow your business, experts recommend:
Minimum:  1 time per month
Moderate:  1 time per week / 4 times a month
Maximum:  2 to 4 times per week (more often and quality tends to suffer or content becomes shallow and non-relevant)
Frequent posts drive temporary traffic, but quality content is the key: Visitors come and go. Readers-followers return because they know they'll find something of value. Day after day, week after week, year after year.

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