SEO | What does High Quality Mean to You?

A variety of factors affect search engine optimization (SEO) and online findability, a concern for every small business and B2B site.

These factors range from issues such as quality content on a quality site to factors that help build staying power and boost the longterm value of your B2B blog or website.

Key findings indicate:
  • Half of all users click on one of the first-page search engine results page (SERP) listings.
  • Google has refined and will continue to evolve its criteria for what constitutes quality.
  • Companies that frequently update their B2B blogs with fresh, useful content are more likely to surface in general searches.
  • Focusing on basics and keeping things simple may be the best overall strategy right now.

If your goal is to establish and sustain an effective online B2B presence, targeted high-quality content is critical:
  • Build on what you know.
  • Share your distinct point of view.
  • Write for your real customers and prospects.
  • Avoid stuffing articles and sites with keywords and search terms.

I’ve been saying this for a long time, but I’ll say it again.
Search engines don’t buy your products and services. People do.

Write to and for them, answer their questions, help them solve real problems, and you’ll build a quality B2B site with staying power.


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