The Case for Contractions

From memos and emails to reports, websites and blogs, you should use contractions in all your business communications. If you're not doing so already, you should start changing that today.


Modern life and work environments are far more casual than they were just a decade ago. Speech is more casual, attire is more casual, and working relationships are less formal. Online and digital communications are also significantly more casual and interactive than the paper-based communications of the past.

Centered on the Web Revisited

A couple years ago, I wrote about the problems and pitfalls associated with centered text on websites and blogs, so if you're a regular reader, you already know how I feel.

If you're new, you may not, so here's my bottom-line recommendation: Don't do it.

Here's why. 


In theory this site is searchable, but in reality, sometimes the search function works and sometimes it doesn't. The Google overlords routinely change search algorithms, which often has a direct and very surprising effect on the results of even the simplest search.

(They also routinely alter formatting algorithms, so blog posts have an interesting tendency to reformat themselves and appear different from one day to the next. But that's a topic for another day.)

There are nearly 300 posts on the Crossbridge Beyond Words site, so if you're looking for something specific, here are some tips. 

Lean Writer | The Five Cs for Crisp Content

Every communicator has some version of the five Cs for effective communications. Not long ago this topic came up in a casual conversation, and I was asked to name my five Cs.

Here's my response.
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