B2B Blogs | Find Your Frequency

Recently, a small business owner asked how often they should update their B2B blog.

What's the answer? Well, it depends.

Post more frequently, and you’ll surface more readily in search results. You’ll build a body of online content that attracts more traffic. You’ll have more opportunities to engage with and respond to customers and prospects.

Nonetheless, a recent study found 33% of B2B blogs publish fresh content only once a month, if that. At the end of a year, these companies have created 12 articles or fewer.

Increasing your publishing schedule to create more content in a shorter timeframe can produce a significant return on investment. It’s unlikely, however, that you’ll suddenly find the time and inspiration to start posting daily if in the past you’ve been lucky to post just once a month.

Start small and make it manageable. Try the “times 2” (x2) approach. Here’s how it works. If you now publish:
1 post per month, aim for 2 (every other week) = 24/year
2 posts per month, aim for 4 (every week) = 48/year
4 posts per month, aim for 8 (twice per week) = 96/year
8 posts per month, aim for 16 (every other day) = 192/year
16 posts per month, aim for 30 (every day or so) = 360/year
The payoffs, in terms of building critical mass, are clear, and the value of your blog, like interest on a savings account, will compound over time. Every extra deposit you make adds to the compounding effect and helps build your brand.

Like anything else that requires discipline, thought and time, B2B blogs can be demanding. Generate a plan. Find the frequency that works for you. Make a schedule and stick to it.

Why? Because what gets defined and measured gets done.


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