Case Study | How B2B Content Helps Boost Online Findability

This compact case study highlights how online B2B content and select SEO (search-engine optimization) techniques helped boost the online visibility of one small business.


The consulting firm, CHPuissegur & Associates (CHP), helps small business owners grow their business. CHP does this by providing a range of expert services related to sales, marketing, strategic planning and more. The ideal CHP client is a small business ranging from startup to 250 employees, or similarly sized independent business unit within a larger organization.


Charlie Puissegur, the owner of CHP, is a lucky man. He has an uncommon last name, which sets him apart from the online crowd. Our first search to test his online findability or F-factor, made this advantage clear.

First, we used Google to search for “Charlie Puissegur.” This produced a SERP list that included a link to his personal Facebook page, but no links to business-related content. (Read The F-Factor: How Online Content Helps Customers Find You for more insights into this issue.)

Charlie soon created a LinkedIn profile, and that link also began to appear on the first page. Initial searches involving his name didn’t produce a single link for his company, CHPuissegur & Associates.


Charlie created a simple website, and soon, the search “Charlie Puissegur” produced links to his Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and website.

Crossbridge managed to significantly improve these search results. To accomplish this, we:
  • Uploaded business-related content and included his name in the keyword list for each document
  • Created one blog article that also included his name as a label or search term
  • Generated a second blog article that also included his name as a label or search term
  • Linked select outside content to the CHP website


The same Google-based search produced completely different results six weeks later. Nine out of 10 page one links related to the right Charlie Puissegur and/or his company. Of those nine:
  • 1 link – Facebook (personal)
  • 1 link – CHPuissegur website (About Us)
  • 7 links – The B2B content we had created, labeled and uploaded

Bottom Line

Will these SEO results transform his business? I doubt it. But now, any prospect, customer or colleague who remembers Charlie's name will be able to readily find him online. The fact that he dominates the page one search results makes this even more likely.

Will page one links guarantee success? There are no guarantees in life, business or SEO. However, our research indicates 70% of online users click on at least one of the top 10 non-paid links displayed on the first SERP page. With seven of the 10 top links related to Charlie and his company, an even higher click ratio is likely.

The bottom line is clear. Quality online content responds to your customers needs, reinforces your brand, and improves your online visibility. All of these factors help you market and grow your business. That's a notable return on your investment.


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