Google Boosts Value of Quality Content

Google is changing its search criteria, according to the Official Google Blog.

Search crawlers will evaluate online information using a new algorithm that emphasizes original content and awards higher page rankings to content-rich sites.

In the past, search criteria tended to value compilation sites and those with multiple in- and out-bound links, so these sites dominated many search results lists.

Have you ever conducted a search where all the page-one results crosslinked to and duplicated each other? It’s frustrating and time-consuming, to say the least, and that's one problem Google is trying to solve.

The new criteria are expected to affect as many as one out of every eight web and blog sites. Over time, this will begin to significantly reshape search engine rankings and influence online content.

The good news? If you and your company have diligently created and posted original, meaningful information on your business websites and blogs, Google's shift in emphasis is definitely good news. Accumulated quality content should improve your rankings, without any effort or change on your part, giving you a great return on your investment.

The bad news? If your website and blog rely on compilations and links or content copied from other sites, your rankings are likely to fall. You might want to get busy generating some high-value content.

The bottom line? In our informal tests, quality content has always had a positive effect on organic SERP rankings. The articles below highlight some of these findings.


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