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Quality, high-value content is an effective way to drive traffic to your website, build credibility and show what you can do.

That’s easy to say and tough to translate into action. So, with the client's permission, let me illustrate a few points.

Charlie Puissegur owns a consulting firm that helps small business owners grow their business. He does this by providing a range of expert services related to sales, marketing, accounting, strategic planning and more.


To guide clients through a buyer-centered sales process, Charlie developed a three-page tipsheet. (See the illustration immediately below.) This tool worked well for Charlie and his clients. Nonetheless, it was time to dial up the visual impact and present the information in a clear, concise manner that reflected the quality services he delivered.


Briefly, to accomplish this goal, Crossbridge:
  • Designed a layout suited to the immediate challenge and flexible enough to accommodate a range of uses in the future
  • Established basic style guidelines and used them
  • Edited the content to reduce volume, improve clarity and streamline the language
  • Created a clear, step-by-step list to help clients turn information into action
  • Developed more advanced graphics to anchor and communicate pivotal points in an attractive, useful manner

The Buyer-Centered Sales System tipsheet now serves as a polished, professional piece suited to print or web display. (See the illustration immediately below.)

The tip sheet can be used internally as a training tool and externally as a marketing tool. It can be emailed to prospects and clients, used as a handout in speeches or presentations, and as a leave-behind in face-to-face meetings. Equally important, it is a small but significant step forward in establishing greater brand recognition.

The tipsheet is available through CHPuissegur & Associates. If you and your small business are struggling to boost sales, it's well worth reading. If you need direct consulting assistance, you can’t go wrong with Charlie’s experienced, rubber-meets-road approach.

Bottom Line

Have you developed practical tipsheets, checklists, process charts or guides for your business? Would customers or prospects find these useful? Informative? Persuasive? Perhaps you, too, should consider transforming your routine tools into materials that also market your business.


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