SEO | 5 Fast Facts

We’ve been examining practical, low-key techniques for making LinkedIn useful and usable for small business owners and professionals of all stripes.

Which raises some obvious questions.

How many people use LinkedIn? Does social media rule the business world?

Here are a five fast facts about social media (both personal and professional) and the great wide webby world:
  • Facebook has more than 850 million active users
  • Google+ has nearly 100 million users
  • Google Search handles 300 billion searches a day (billion with a "b")
  • LinkedIn has more than 130 million registered users
  • Twitter has more than 465 million registered accounts

What do these facts mean?  Your insights are as good as and probably better than mine.

What does this have to do with SEO? Good question. Social media in general and cumulative social media (LinkedIn + Facebook + Twitter + whatever) make you and your company more visible online.

In short, it boosts onlline findability, supports SEO (search engine optimization) efforts and generally improves your ranking in SERP (search engine results page) results. For better or worse.


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The user figures are from: The Daily SEO Blog

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