Three SEO Constants

The powers that be refine SEO algorithms and change both the playbook and playing field with alarming frequency.

What's a small business to do? Focus on what works.

From a communications standpoint, three constants will help streamline your SEO strategy. They are:
  1. Critical keywords
  2. Quality content
  3. Frequency
Let's take a quick look at each one.

Critical Keywords
Most SEO algorithms are designed to find and reward sites that drill very narrow, very specific pathways. 

One of the easiest ways to define that pathway is to focus on critical keywords and critical keyword combinations. If your website and blog deal with machining principles, for instance, you can strengthen your SEO ranking simply by ensuring that exact keyword combination appears in titles, content and metatags as often as possible.

Keep in mind that using the combination randomly and without meaning will backfire. Your customers won't tolerate it and most search engines won't either, so don't do it.

It takes thought and discipline, but you can design and implement a website and blog strategy that ensures you systematically shine the spotlight on machining principles 80% of the time. The results may not be immediate, but overtime it will help you establish a resilient, robust SEO standing.

Quality Content

We tend to forget that even online, business is about building relationships. One way to do that is to reliably, predictably and consistently deliver quality content that responds to customers' needs and relates to your core business.

Think about it. Which sites do you visit on a regular basis? Today, most of us are so pressed for time and so overloaded with a constant stream of information, we're motivated to turn first to those that have gained our trust and delivered useful content in the past. It's a simple as that.

For better or worse, how often you post and how frequently you update your website still matter. Why?

Search engines reward fresh relevant content. New material that relates to existing content helps boost your SEO standing today, while it steadily adds relevant content to the baseline. Both factors offer immediate payoffs and both contribute to improved SERP (search engine results page) outcomes over time.

Bottom Line
When the game and the rules change almost daily, such basic strategies won't solve all your search engine challenges. Instead, these three SEO constants offer these significant advantages: 
  • They're simple to do. 
  • They have demonstrated value. 
  • They're something you can control.
That's a combination that's hard to beat.


Anon said...

Good points. Excellent advice. My life feels simpler already.

Vomail said...

The traditional marketing methods have gone now because they are time consuming and at the same time they are not that much beneficial as compared to the modern online marketing methods. We have also a business and we just use PPC and SMM techniques. In fact have hired expert facebook ads Los Angeles team as well.

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