Mastering the SEO Universe

The business world has been buzzing about both recent  and planned SEO changes.

As we all know, Google regularly updates and refines its search engine algorithms. Others do, too, but Google is the 800-lb gorilla in the SEO universe.

Theoretically, Google’s SEO algorithms optimize the speed and quality of search processes and minimize detractors like spam-based sites. 

If you routinely conduct online searches for products, services or reliable, trustworthy information, you can judge for yourself how well these improvements are working. Or not working, as the case may be.

In response to the panicked reaction of marketers and SEO experts, did an excellent overview, called 20 SEO Tips, Trends and Predictions for 2014.

The roundup covered a lot of ground, but several key points are worth highlighting here:
  1. SEO is here to stay.
  2. SEO is and has always been about content.
  3. SEO and content marketing are synonymous.
In other words, SEO is marketing and marketing is content. If you’re not developing, posting and promoting quality content, then you’re not maximizing your ability to compete in the marketplace.
Developing and implementing an SEO strategy takes significant thought, careful planning and sustained, disciplined attention to the myriad mundane details that make SEO function effectively. For you.

If you’re determined to wrestle the SEO beast to the mat in 2014, work with an SEO expert to map a strategy that’s tailored to your business arena in general and your goals, products and services in particular. Remember the three key points above and put them at the center of your SEO strategic plan.

If you're interested in top quality content that markets at every level, you know to contact Crossbridge.

Meanwhile, keep this in mind: Contrary to general perception, I firmly believe you don’t have to become the master of the entire SEO universe. You only have to master the SEO universe that relates to you and your business.

You live and work in that realm every single day. You understand that world and have an intuitive grasp of how it functions.

That's very good news. Why? You can create an SEO strategy that’s solid, manageable and sustainable. You can use quality content to make your mark in the marketplace. You can become the master of your own little corner of the SEO universe.

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