Strategy | Define Your Customers' Sweet Spot

We recently posted a short series of articles about using Venn diagrams to find your sweet spot.

Both individuals and organizations have sweet spots, that zone where people and organizations are able to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses.

Our sweet spot strategy applies to customers as well.

Let’s say you can identify three distinct customer groups, Customers A, B and C.

Each group has different expectations and needs, which sometimes makes it difficult to communicate with them or to provide the specific services/products they value most.

One obvious solution, if this scenario sounds familiar, is to find the common ground. Once again, a Venn diagram illustrates this principle quite nicely.

The process is simple:
  1. Develop detailed profiles for each customer group
  2. Identify and describe shared characteristics and needs/values for A+B, C+B, C+A
  3. Detail the sweet spot, those central characteristics and needs/values that apply to all

Now, translate this information into action. Use the Sweet Spot definition to shape products, services, marketing, sales and communications. It takes time, energy and thought to do this thoroughly, and you can further refine and tailor these strategies to target each area of overlap.

As you know, at Crossbridge, we like to keep the processes and tools simple and intuitive.

Why? Simple processes and tools ensure everyone is focused on the real goals, which are to define the customers' sweet spot and then translate these insights into meaningful action.

Try it. You might be surprised by what you discover.


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