Strategy | Target Your Customers' Sweet Spot

We’ve been examining the powerful insights simple tools can reveal.

Recently, we highlighted a quick way to create useful customer profiles as a first step in defining your customers’ sweet spot.
Once again, a picture tells the story.

As before, I’ve created an example using a hypothetical consultant who specializes in helping manufacturers improve processes and results.
The consultant’s customer base consists of three distinct types of manufacturers, loosely categorized by size and revenue. The graphic shows a few initial broad indicators for each major customer type.

The descriptions are obviously incomplete, but it’s evident the groups share certain traits and possible concerns. These shared factors provide clues to the customers’ sweet spot, the point where shared issues/problems create great opportunities.

Try using our technique for creating customer profiles. Add as much detail and drill as deeply as necessary to pinpoint your customers’ shared problems, challenges, wants or needs.

Then wait for the ah-ha moment. Because once you define and target your customers’ sweet spot, you’ve found your potential sweet spot, too.


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