Cost of Communications

by Charlie Puissegur, Guest Contributor

We’ve all heard a client or colleague say, "We have entirely too many meetings around here!"

Invariably, the same person will at another time declare, "Nobody ever tells us anything. There’s no communication around here!"

(On more than one occasion I’ve pointed this out to the parties involved, with some pleasure I might add. In almost every case, it has helped begin a useful dialogue.)

All forms of communication (meetings, reports, documentation, letters, emails, etc.) have a cost, and there’s a general belief that these costs are already too high.

The real questions are: Is there too much communication? Too little? Or simply the wrong type?

A significant portion of the challenge we face as consultants, coaches, change agents and business owners is measuring and comparing the costs of communication, along with the cost of non-communication.

These costs are hidden, but very real. They can be seen in the time, energy and resources expended to fix mistakes, expedite orders, hold excess inventory, wait for parts or information, and so forth.

Good communications improve relationships, increase profitability, streamline operations and build goodwill between manufacturers and suppliers/distributors, managers and teams, leaders and organizations, salespeople and customers, consultants and clients.

No matter how effective communications are, they only produce results when both parties share a similar desire for improved relationships, results and returns on investment.

Some people and companies seem to have very little or no concern about anyone's well being other than their own. I'm not suggesting we should or shouldn't work with them, but in such cases, real improvement may not be attainable.

Too often as consultants and small business owners, we strive to get clients to choose us or our products and services. Instead, I suggest we pay equal attention to finding and selecting those who share our desire and willingness to work toward similar objectives and outcomes.

This commitment to mutual success is essential for any long relationship, and targeted, effective communications are an important part of that picture.

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