'Tis the Season

In a recent conversation, a colleague commented they felt completely unprepared for the coming year.

They described 2014 as so busy and demanding, everyone in the company has remained laser-focused on what has to be accomplished this day, this week or this month. The urgency of now has left little time, energy or brain power to create a plan for 2015.

If you're wrestling with similar challenges, let me offer this ...

It's a roundup of some of the most frequently read posts on simple strategies for defining a plan:

The Perfect Plan
The Power of a Game Plan
Find Your Sweet Spot
The Sweet Spot in Action

Yes, I know you're busy, Yes, I know it's the holiday season. But if what you really want for Christmas is the glimmer of a plan for the new year, perhaps these articles will help you move closer to that goal.

Consider it the smallest of gifts in the spirit of the season in order to wish each and every one of you the happiest of holidays.

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