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We’ve devoted a fair amount of space to strategic, business and action planning methods and examples.

Recently, a client sent me his company’s business plan and asked me to take a look at it as part of a larger effort we’re tackling. His goal was to provide valuable context and gain feedback from an objective outside source.

I reviewed the plan with interest and care, and while the actual discussion was more detailed, these are the highlights.

The plan is:
  • Compact
  • Concise
  • Clear
  • Sufficiently specific
  • Carefully targeted
  • Broad enough to support the long-term vision, mission and goals
  • Focused enough to motivate meaningful action in real time (this week, next week, next month, etc.)

The bottom line? The business plan is refreshingly brief, free of extraneous chitchat and arglebargle, highly targeted and potentially effective. 

For this company at this stage in its lifecycle, it's the perfect plan.




Anon said...

Would love to see the plan, when are you going to show it?

Barbara at Beyond Words said...

Perhaps we'll be able to showcase the plan one day, but for now, it's considered private and confidential. You understand, I'm sure.

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