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LessAccounting is an accounting and bookkeeping application targeted to small businesses with fewer than 20 employees.

The cloud-based app has an interesting value proposition: “All small business accounting software sucks, we just suck the least.”

You have to admit, it's an unexpected tactic.

It's evident the company has found and carefully defined its sweet spot. The website is clear, low-key and easy to navigate. Every aspect is designed to respond to the needs, issues and frustrations of its carefully targeted customers.

Top to bottom, everything at LessAccounting is simple, direct, charming and disarming, which translates into a very soft but effective selling strategy.

Regarding the magic behind the software, the company says, “In the beginning, we struggled with accounting, because accounting is scary, accounting is boring and quite simply, no one likes accounting. So, we created LessAccounting to help us out.”

I can't speak to the quality of the software, I don't use it.

One thing is clear, however. This company has modeled its business and marketing strategy on the basic premise that less really is more.


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Anonymous said...

Because of my pet peeve with accounting software, your article real struck a chord. Being a small business myself, I too was frustrated by the unnecessary complications of accounting software. So I checked this company - an yes - their marketing at least speaks directly to the simplification we all desire. They did a great job justifying the choice for their product.

Good article on speaking directly to the reader's concerns and keeping it simple. (In this case it was the communication as well as the product)

Thanks for once again a relevant reminder!

Barbara Spencer Hawk said...

You're right, Anon, small business accounting software is unnecessarily complicated, and LessAccounting does a good job of simply and directly confronting this issue.

Glad this was useful to you.

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