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We've all done it. We've written something technical, detailed or complex, and instead of providing clarity, we create confusion.

We've all seen someone else do it. We've read, or tried to read, something important to our work or business, and instead of useful information, we've discovered gobbledygook.

Who has the time and patience to wade through unnecessary arglebargle? Anyone? Anyone?

Examples of horrific writing abound in print and online. They also span every arena, from business to technology and industry, Lean manufacturing, education, government, and more.

Colleagues, clients and friends gleefully share examples for use here or in B2B writing workshops, presentations and publications. Since the goal is to learn not ridicule, specific identifiers are often changed where necessary to protect the innocent and not so innocent.

Do you have a B2B Before & After example to share?

Include whatever context is relevant, such as a brief description of where the content appeared and what it was supposed to accomplish. If you've rewritten and improved the material, that’s all the better. Send that, too.

People often ask if I alter content to ensure it's riddled with mistakes. Trust me, there's no need to do so. For proof, read all the Before & After articles, or start with these:

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