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Workforce development  the challenge of training workers for real jobs in the real economy  is back in the news.

Workforce development has been and continues to be a significant priority for many high schools and most technical and community colleges.

As a result, most two- and four-year colleges operate some type of community based training and development division, targeted specifically to regional businesses, industries and organizations.

These operations vary significantly in terms of scope and sophistication, but overall, they provide traditional and online courses, workshops and training designed to help workers and job-seekers gain credentials, certifications and degrees relevant to their employment and career success.

With that very basic framework in place, you might find it interesting to see the type of impact a highly developed and well-run corporate and community services division can accomplish.

The Workforce Development Impact project demonstrates this point. It highlights a range of key indicators and cumulative data demonstrating the crucial role of the Corporate & Community Services division at Sinclair Community College.

In close collaboration with the CCS leadership team, Crossbridge developed a unique and striking roll-fold brochure and the brief PowerPoint presentation featured below.

Workforce Development Impact -


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Anonymous said...

Very good reminder of an important issue. Great piece with simple, informative and meaningful facts.

Barbara Spencer Hawk said...

You're right, this is an important issue. It's fascinating to be involved in projects like this, because everyone begins to see things from a fresh POV.

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