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© Robin Feld
Used with permission
Several times in the past few years, we've turned the spotlight on photographer Robin Feld.

Robin is the owner and creative mind behind Robin Feld Photography and Products 2 Pages.

Robin is in the news again. Her photograph, the Schuster Center at Dusk, won first place in the Center’s recent contest to mark its tenth anniversary.

The Schuster Center is the beautiful performing arts center located in downtown Dayton, Ohio. Robin’s dramatic photograph has become the most identifiable image associated with the Schuster’s year-long celebration.

The photo appears on signage, posters, program covers and promotional materials, and the original is currently on display at the Center.

Since many people find the creative process interesting, let’s take this opportunity to ask a few questions.

Q: What was the inspiration?

A: Obviously, the immediate motivation was the tenth anniversary contest, but I’ve always wanted to get an iconic shot of this iconic building. I decided I also wanted to try to capture the entire building, which I knew would be a challenge.

Q: How did you manage to get this particular shot?

A: Many people assume a photo like this happens by luck. They don’t realize how much time, energy and effort it takes to scout multiple locations and test a variety of angles. In this case, for example, I had to hunt around to find the one location that allowed me to be high enough to show the Center in its entirety without distorting the lovely lines of the structure.

Timing was also crucial. I wanted to capture the Center as night began to fall, with the lights glowing and people arriving. The winning photo was taken just as the sun began to set and a bank of clouds moved through the sky.

© Robin Feld
Used with permission
Q: What’s next?

A: At its heart, the Center is really about people. Before, during and after an event, it’s alive with energy and activit
onstage, in the halls and theater, and behind the scenes.

Capturing this very human side of the Center is next on my list. For now, it’s humbling to realize my work is in some small way a part of the history of the Schuster Center.

Bottom Line

On the artistic front, Robin has the unusual ability to show people, places and things in a fresh and perceptive way. On the business front, she delivers photos that convey specific product detail, useful for websites, brochures and catalogs. At Crossbridge, she's our photographer of choice for both product and context shots.

You can learn more about Robin and her work on her website and in related articles cited below.



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