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What Employers Really Want took the first detailed look at the hiring process from the employers’ perspective.
The goal was to explain the inside viewpoint to help job seekers understand and navigate the job search to find the right job – and right employer  for them.

Countless employers and hiring decision-makers shared insights and invited me behind the scenes to observe their hiring processes and discussions in action.

These employers also helped define vital criteria for key employees, which I called the Three Dimensions of Success. One way or another, employers said, these dimensions anchored every pivotal employee selection decision, from the front door to the C-suite.

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Today, the competition for good jobs and good employees is fierce. Job seekers and career changers can turn the job hunt into a job offer by responding to both stated and unstated employer expectations.

What do employers really want? The Three Dimensions of Success define employers' key expectations and basic hiring criteria. It's a good place to start.


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