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Last week, in Sales | Do Videos Really Add Value?, we looked at the frustration sales videos can create in online buying processes.

The original task seemed simple enough. I wanted to evaluate a series of specific software and technology upgrades, make a decision to buy them or not, and move on.

What I found was a maze. Visit this page. View this video. Read this list. Visit another page. Study these comparisons. Search for the actual final price. Revist several pages. Rewatch the video.

Abandon the search, and do something productive.

Eventually, however, I discovered a company with content focused on function not flash. General highlights, specific features and product comparisons were easy to find. Prices were clearly displayed, so there were no surprises.

Brief videos provided direct product comparisons and made it obvious: If you need these features, choose X. If you need that capacity, choose Y.

Instead of actively selling, the company decided to make it easy to buy. And in this instance, the videos didn't just add value, they helped clinch the sale.

Why? Because in print, online and in video, simple strategies and clear content work.


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