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The Dayton Public Schools (DPS) developed and launched its first comprehensive Academic Plan this year.

District Superintendent Lori Ward, known for her ability to convey critical concepts in a clear, memorable way, says:
Our students are not other people's children, they're our children. This means we have more than 15,000 reasons to succeed.
This quote captures her vision for DPS, and it serves as the title for the Academic Plan.

The plan is significant for many reasons. It's the district's first comprehensive academic plan. It defines specific achievement targets through 2015. It describes a workable strategy for moving forward. And, it makes a clear promise to the community:
The Dayton Public School District will become a model for urban public education. Every student will enter Kindergarten ready to learn, and graduate ready for college, a career and life in the 21st century.
The comprehensive Academic Plan package contains three parts:
Part 1 - Meeting the Challenge benchmarks performance standards and challenges
Part 2 - 15, 000 Reasons to Succeed details the academic strategy and plan
Part 3 - Sharing the Vision addresses metrics, tracking and dissemination
Each part consists of a polished, compact report accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. Lori Ward (superintendent) and Linnae Clinton (chief of curriculum and instruction) championed the effort, with the input and involvement of the DPS academic leadership team, while Crossbridge managed and coordinated the highly collaborative development process.

The following presentation was used to present the final plan to the Board of Education, anchor workshops with teachers and administrators, and guide discussions with the community.

DPS Academic Plan: 15000 Reasons to Succeed

Linnae and the executive team are spearheading the plan implementation and academic achievement turnaround. The work is well underway, and it's in very good hands.


Part 1 - Meeting the Challenge (compact slideshow)
Part 2 - 15,000 Reasons to Succeed (downloadable plan - PDF)
Creating a Manufacturing Career Pipeline (education & industry collaboration)

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