Is Price Pressure Affecting Your Bottom Line?

by Bob Chapman & Barbara Spencer Hawk

The Manufacturing & Technology eJournal has just published our article, Is Price Pressure Affecting Your Bottom Line?

Read it and share your comments, questions, feedback and examples.

Add your perspective to the mix by taking our survey in the sidebar. [See updates below.] We're collecting data for a comprehensive white paper, so your input has been and continues to be invaluable.

Have a price pressure story to share? We're interested in the full spectrum from those that show pressure to those that indicate it doesn't exist. Or, just tell us about the challenges you face and how we can help.

The survey is now closed, but we will conduct another survey soon.
We're still collecting price pressure examples. Share your story below, or email me.


Read our practical white paper, Price Pressure: Is it Hurting Your Bottom Line?, to learn more about the varied forms of pressure and how to counter it to protect your profits.

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Survey Note: Responses were blind and designed solely to capture broad trends regarding the degree of price pressure you and/or your business experience.

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