Price Pressure | Preliminary Survey Results

Price pressure is fact not fiction for many businesses, according to participants in our recent online survey.

Specifically, 100% of the ten online survey participants experience some degree of price pressure on a regular basis:
  • 20% say price pressure is mild, occurring 40% of the time or less
  • 20% say price pressure is moderate, occurring 60% of the time
  • 60% say price pressure is significant, occurring 80% of the time

Some element of price pressure is present in every sales encounter, indicated by the fact no one selected "never" as an option. However, no one felt price pressure was so extreme it dominated every selling experience.

We'll be blending the online survey results with findings from the emailed survey, personal discussions, and the insights and examples you've shared. Continue to share your comments and experiences, as we work to analyze the results.

We've continued the survey, so there's still time to vote. See upper-right column.

The online survey has been completed for now. To learn more, read our white paper, Price Pressure: Is it Hurting Your Bottom Line?

Price Pressure: Fact or Fiction?
Price Pressure: The Debate Continues
Is Price Pressure Affecting Your Bottom Line?
Price Pressure: What's Your POV?

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