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Why do I keep coming back to the topic of success stories? Because they're such powerful marketing tools for small business.

The following success story was developed for Bob Chapman, Sandler sales coach.

It's interesting on multiple levels, because it:
  • Describes a common sales challenge, that of developing technical experts into effective sales people
  • Includes some detail about the training and development process, but keeps the focus on the client
  • Captures the impressive results Bob helped the sales team and client company achieve
  • Illustrates these results in a simple bar graph
  • Incorporates some truly dynamite quotes from top-level executives
  • Demonstrates the high-caliber, long-term trust relationship Bob was able to develop and sustain
It's also a good example of a fully developed (complete) two-page success story, discussed in the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Success Story series.

Chapman Success Story-Dickman -

If you're having trouble viewing this document, hit refresh (F5). It's also available here: Success Story: Chapman Sandler Sales

Bob Chapman, Sandler Sales Coach (interview)

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