Case Study | The Case for Cross-Selling [2]

Do your customers understand the full range of services and products you offer? Are you struggling to increase sales revenue? Do you need to reduce sales costs? Have you already tried yelling, cajoling and threats?

The solution may be to focus your attention on cross-selling. The Polar Companies generated $1.8 million in new revenue by doing just that.

The company leadership decided that, rather than cross their fingers and hope for the best, they wanted to invest the time, money and energy into building a sustainable effort. Together, we compiled examples and data to demonstrate real cross-selling results. We also illustrated how specific products and services were natural complements, so the sales team could effectively sell a broader mix to existing customers.

The case study below describes The Polar Company situation, which will sound familiar to many small business owners. Most companies, like Polar, learn that rediscovering cross-selling can significantly boost revenues, and in the process, they realize something else.

Master the art of cross-selling, and you may never make another cold call again.

Making the Case for Cross-Selling (Polar) -

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