White Paper | Sell More: 4 Key Steps

by Bob Chapman & Barbara Spencer Hawk

Most manufacturers believe they have some very good distributors. Most distributors believe they work with some fine manufacturers. Both have the same goal, to increase sales and improve profitability.

Nonetheless, in manufacturing environments, there’s a constant undercurrent of dissatisfaction with distributors. In distribution environments, there’s a relentless litany of complaints about the manufacturers they represent.

The issues are deeper than a tough economy and hyper-competitive environment. Manufacturers and distributors have mismatched expectations, and each group has its own point of view (POV).

The friction caused by these differences affects productivity, sales volume and the bottom line. To learn how to prevent or resolve conflicts to boost profits, read our new white paper, Sell More: 4 Key Steps Solve Manufacturer & Distributor Conflicts (below).

Sell More: 4 Key Steps Solve Manufacturer-Distributor Conflicts -

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Sell More: 4 Key Steps

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