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Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Sight & Sound Productions. Recently, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary.

As every small business owner knows, this is more than a milestone, it’s a noteworthy achievement, particularly in these challenging times.

Let me share just a few quick highlights.

In 1987, Curt Hubbard launched a one-man business to provide audiovisual equipment and technical support to hotels, meeting centers and businesses in the Jacksonville, Florida area. At that time, AV technology consisted of overhead, slide and video projectors, sound systems, audio and video tape recording and playback systems, and the like.

Step by step and year by year, Curt built a solid list of core clients, expanded the range of technology offered, hired critical staff and grew his business.

By 1997, Sight & Sound was well established. It also faced a crucial turning point. It could continue on its existing path and remain a small, but profitable AV provider. Or, it could take some risks, expand capacity, and increase revenues by growing in size and branching into new markets.

Luckily that same year, Curt brought Jon Davis on board as Sales and Marketing Director. Jon, a young go-getter with significant AV industry experience, helped provide the impetus so both the company and its people embraced opportunity and growth.
And grow they did.

Today, Sight & Sound Productions is a multimillion dollar enterprise that provides cutting-edge technology, dramatic themed events and polished corporate meetings to a national client base. It’s the leading provider of AV technology and support for Northeast Florida hotels, resorts, meeting sites and convention centers.

That young go-getter is now the CEO and owner, employing 30 full-time and eight part-time/contract employees dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service to every client, every day.

The Sight & Sound story is one of challenges and opportunities, setbacks and successes. Together, the owners, employees and company have survived growing pains, weathered economic ups and downs, mastered rapidly changing technologies, and managed to thrive in an unpredictable marketplace.

Congratulations, Sight & Sound. Your story is both familiar and unique, and as such, it well deserves a few moments in the spotlight.

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Anon said...

I enjoy these occasional "spotlight" articles, they're always interesting. And congrats to Sight & Sound, 25 years in business is quite an accomplishment.

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