SEO | Is Google Sending Fresh Signals?

In April, Google launched a new round of search algorithm refinements.

Some were minor, others more significant. In all, Google implemented 52 changes to improve overall search quality.

These refinements have implications for you, your organization and your online presence.

Today, let’s focus on one thing: how Google describes changes related to searching for and finding current content.

Project code: Freshness
  • Smoother ranking changes for fresh results. We want to help you find the freshest results, particularly for searches with important new web content, such as breaking news topics. We try to promote content that appears to be fresh. This change applies a more granular classifier, leading to more nuanced changes in ranking based on freshness.
  • Improvement in a freshness signal. This change is a minor improvement to one of the freshness signals which helps to better identify fresh documents.
  • No freshness boost for low-quality content. We have modified a classifier we use to promote fresh content to exclude fresh content identified as particularly low-quality. (110 words)
And from the fall 2011 announcement:
  • Fresher, more recent results: As we announced just over a week ago, we’ve made a significant improvement to how we rank fresh content. This change impacts roughly 35 percent of total searches (around 6-10% of search results to a noticeable degree) and better determines the appropriate level of freshness for a given query. (54 words)

Some variation of the word “fresh” appears 14 times in 164 words, and the entire thing appears to be written in Googlish (English + Google = Googlish). 

Based on the Google Official Blog and Inside Search blog, fresh means: relevant, recent, up-to-date, latest and/or hot topics trending on the web. And, yes, to answer the question you’re undoubtedly asking, you have to dig to find this information.

What signal is Google sending? Whatever it is, it's smoother, more granular, more nuanced and packed to the brim with freshness.




Anonymous said...

A major factor for virtually any successful web presence (and
largely after Google Penguin releases) is the so called serp ctr and i felt that i had to add it

Barbara Spencer Hawk said...

Thanks for sharing that information, Anonymous.

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