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A colleague and I have frequent, often vociferous discussions about the power and importance of having a defined vision.

We disagree on a few of the fine points, but agree on the big issue:  A clear, precise and well-defined vision is essential to success.

This is true for organizations and individuals.

Which leads me to Seven Days in Utopia. The film, starring Robert Duvall and Lucas Black, was released in 2011 and it’s now available on DVD.

Based on the book written by Dr. David L. Cook, who is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and performance training coach, the film is about many things.

Dr. Cook points out that too often – in life, business and sports – we score ourselves on an impossible scale of perfection. For many, anything short of that is failure.

To counteract this tendency and find a simpler, straighter path to success, Dr. Cook describes a three-step process for finding and staying focused in a complex world. He describes it as:
See it (vision)
Feel it (strategy)
Trust it (know you can do it)

He’s used this approach to help athletes transform their performance, but it's clear the strategy would work in business and life as well.

What's your vision for yourself? Your business? Your organization?

In a distracted and distracting world, making time to pinpoint a simple, clear vision may be the most powerful action you take this year.



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