Survey | Results: Greatest Challenges 2012

What’s your greatest challenge?

That was the question B2B Write Now posed in early January.

We ran a simple survey to learn more about what’s on your mind as this new year gets underway.

The issues were simple and culled from some of the top topics of 2011.

There were 4 respondents, and each respondent could check multiple answers. In order, response distributions and percentages are as follows:
Increase sales: 75% (3)
Market our business: 50% (2)
Develop useful plans: 50% (2)
Create quality content: 50% (2)
Counter price pressure: 25% (1)
Other: 0
The sample size is small, but there are no surprises. Readers are focused first on increasing sales, followed by marketing, planning and content, then price pressure.

For immediate help in these areas, try these articles:

Sales | How Do You Jumpstart Sales? (series)
Marketing | Create Targeted Content to Build Your Brand
Plan | Painfree Action Planning: Overview
Content | What does High Quality Mean to You?
Price Pressure | What's Your POV?

Meanwhile, I’ll keep these priorities in mind as, together, we continue to tackle the ever-shifting landscape of small business issues in America.

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