You Know You're a Graphic Designer When ...

The following list is for those of us who quietly labor in the background to help clients get their message across, in print, on the web and in other media (TV, digital presentations, etc.).

This list has been floating around for awhile, but it made me smile, so I thought I'd share. I confess, I’ve edited it to keep the list structure parallel. (If you’re a writer, you know what I mean. You also know I can’t help myself.)

Perhaps we need to start a list called "You Know You're a Writer When ..."  Meanwhile, enjoy:

You Know You’re A Graphic Designer When You …

Have bags under your eyes so big you’d have to check them in at the airport.

Watch the Superbowl just for the commercials.

Can spot bad typography from 100 yds away.

Are pro-Facebook because 95% of the Myspace accounts burn your retinas.

Can name more than 200 fonts in under five minutes.

Are completely immune to subliminal advertising.

Look upon a well-designed project with either sympathy OR extreme jealousy.

Realize your hand is permanently stuck in the shape of a mouse.

Tell stories of exacto-knife wounds with grizzled pride.

Have an appreciation for everything unique.

You’ve been spending three days non-stop on a project. It still looks like [crap], and you find yourself overcome by Deathlust.

Find your pulse increases at the sight of a lovely ligature, glasses steam up when an unusually elegant arm, leg, or tail comes in view, and a well-kerned paragraph is apt to make you break into a sweat with excitement.

Buy a CD or DVD for the artwork, even if you have no idea what the actual music or film is like. (Even worse, you don’t actually watch or listen to it, you just stare at it for hours and hug it in adoration.)

Look at the clock, see it’s about midnight and think “I’ll go to bed now”… and you actually go to bed at 3am.

Need someone else to point out that you’re sitting in a room in front of the computer with all the lights off, and haven’t noticed.

Know what “kerning” is and you really, really like it.

Wear two [ke] [rn] pins on your bag, and only you know what they mean. Others think it’s probably a band of sorts …

Have heroes with names like Tibor Kalman, Stefan Sagmeister, Paul Rand and Paula Scher.

Wear black not to look cool, you wear it to hide the gauche.

Have a thing for chairs. You don’t know why.

Giggle whenever you use the colors F0CCED, EFF0FF and 44DDDD.

Look around for a Drop Shadow to sit under when you’re out in the sun.

Give relatives a lecture about color spaces and profiles when you email them your vacation photos.

See someone use Lens Flare or Comic Sans and it adversely affects your blood pressure.

Maintain a grid system for your refrigerator magnets.

Organize your CD collection according to the Pantone chart.

Sit at work for eight hours straight just looking at your monitor, waiting for a spark of inspiration that doesn’t come.

That's it for now. The list continues, so check back. What would you add?


The original list:

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