In theory this site is searchable, but in reality, sometimes the search function works and sometimes it doesn't. The Google overlords routinely change search algorithms, which often has a direct and very surprising effect on the results of even the simplest search.

(They also routinely alter formatting algorithms, so blog posts have an interesting tendency to reformat themselves and appear different from one day to the next. But that's a topic for another day.)

There are nearly 300 posts on the Crossbridge Beyond Words site, so if you're looking for something specific, here are some tips. 

If you want to find posts:
  • About a general topic, go to Topics & Tags in the right sidebar, scroll through the list and click the appropriate tag: Manufacturing Day
  • About something not in the Topics & Tags list, use the Search box and enter a keyword: branding
  • About a very specific subject, enter it in the Search box with quote marks: "Mr. Blandings"
  • From a particular month and year, go to the Archive list in the right sidebar, select the correct option and it will display everything posted that month: September 2016

I'm evaluating the pros and cons of moving the blog to a platform with more layout options, better search functionality and greater flexibility. Until that happens, I'm soldiering on here and hope the suggestions above will help make it easier for you to more quickly find what interests you.

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