Plan Now for Manufacturing Day 2017

Manufacturing Day always occurs on the first Friday in October, which is Oct 6 this year, so consider this your early warning. 
Each year since its inception, I've diligently touted its benefits for many reasons. 

Crossbridge has through the years done quite a bit of work in the manufacturing arena, and my home state of Ohio is third in the nation in terms of manufacturing employment, outranked only by California and Texas. Plus, there's this important fact: 
Manufacturing Day℠ is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. ~Manufacturing Day website
So, whether you're a manufacturing company or a STEM teacher seeking fresh, engaging ways to introduce students to the marvels of science, technology, engineering and math in action, now's the time to start planning:

To me, the bottom line is quite clear. Manufacturing is pivotal to a strong, vital economy, our standing in the world, and our success and prosperity today, tomorrow and into the future. Others may talk about making America great again, but participating in Manufacturing Day is a tangible way to translate talk into action.

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