Manufacturing Day 2016

Manufacturing plays a pivotal role in the health and vitality of our local, regional and national economies. To emphasize its importance, every fall, we take time to highlight the nationwide event known as Manufacturing Day, which is slated for Friday, October 7 this year.

Large or small, if you’re a manufacturer you should find a way to participate:
  • Hold an open house.
  • Conduct tours of your facility.
  • Demonstrate how you manufacture products.
  • Design activities that offer hands-on experiences.
  • Offer to speak to middle and high school classes.

If you’re an educator, do the same:
  • Invite local manufacturers to speak to your class.
  • Arrange a plant tour.
  • Develop modules that incorporate manufacturing examples.
  • Collaborate with other teachers to create multidisciplinary manufacturing activities that make STEM topics meaningful and relevant.

In states like Ohio, New York and Wisconsin, manufacturing is so important, October is designated as Manufacturing Month, which gives you plenty of latitude to make plans and schedule events in the coming weeks.

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