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This year, I had the opportunity to work with the Dayton Region Manufacturers Association (DRMA) to produce a compact overview of manufacturing in the Miami Valley area.

Called Moving Manufacturing Forward, it addresses the importance of manufacturing from various perspectives:
  • Moving Manufacturing Forward
  • Manufacturing Works
  • Mapping the Industry Landscape
  • Finding Manufacturing Talent
  • Developing our Manufacturing Workforce
  • Securing our Manufacturing Future

Targeted sidebars highlight particulars such as:
  • Manufacturing Works: Dayton Region & Ohio
  • Building a Career in Manufacturing
  • Top Issues for Manufacturing
  • Celebrating Manufacturing Month
  • Highlighting AMTS 2013

This publication offers something for everyone from makers to manufacturers, bankers to business owners, and educators to engineers. Why? 

Manufacturing is vital to our region, our state, our country and our future. In fact, in state rankings, Ohio is third in the nation in terms of numbers of people employed in manufacturing and overall manufacturing capacity. Only California and Texas can match our capabilities. 

Released as an insert in the Dayton Business Journal, this piece was strategically designed to provide long-term value, so DRMA will for years be able to use it to supplement its marketing materials.

The development process was a highly collaborative DRMA, DBJ and Crossbridge team effort, with Crossbridge creating all the content and managing all facets of the project from initial concept through final layout, photo selection and prepress approvals.

We'll explore more of the specifics soon. Meanwhile, if you have a chance, grab a copy of Moving Manufacturing Forward. I think you'll find it's well worth the read.


To read more about US manufacturing, click here.

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