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A current TV commercial makes the bold statement that students who have a specific career goal in mind are more focused and successful in school.

I suspect this statement doesn't surprise you at all. As a high-performer, you know that defining clear goals tends to improve performance and outcomes.

This reminded me, however, of an interesting project, the MEtaMorph Career Exploration effort.

This effort involved developing a cross-disciplinary approach to career exploration to close the 9th grade career knowledge gap. The ultimate objective was to help students discover career options early, so they could begin to tailor their education to meet their long-term life and career goals.

In close collaboration with Ron Kindell and Tracy Jayne, the director and assistant director of the Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium, Crossbridge provided a range of services.

We facilitated multiple group sessions to pinpoint and distill critical concepts. We operated both as a direct provider and project manager for deliverables ranging from logo and document design to graphic execution, process maps and curriculum development. We tested all web elements and streamlined curriculum content for clarity and focus.

We also developed the Executive Summary and presentation that launched the national program release.

MEtaMorph: Your Career Journey - -

MEtaMorph was the result of an extraordinary coalition of nine school districts, five counties, special research organizations, the regional chamber of commerce, and local educators and industry leaders. It has proved to be effective:
  • Across student achievement levels
  • For both male and female students
  • Across all socio-economic levels
  • In diverse environments
  • In highly varied configurations (optional activities eliminated, etc.)

MEtaMorph is a nationally recognized program used by high schools throughout the country to help students define their life and career goals.

Why? Because at every stage in life, knowing where you're headed can be a very good thing.


Creating a Manufacturing Career Pipeline
Executive Snapshot: MEtaMorph (PDF)
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Rolom said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this. Regards.

Barbara Spencer Hawk said...

You're welcome, Rolom. It's a wonderful concept with great potential. I'm looking forward to seeing the program develop.

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