There's Always a Bridge

A few years ago, a client called to thank me for the Christmas card I'd sent.

He loved that it featured a snowy bridge and served to reinforce the Crossbridge brand.

We had other business to discuss, so we quickly moved on. But for a number of reasons, his comment struck a chord.

Why? As a long term client, he'd been receiving holiday greetings for several years. Every single card featured a winter bridge scene.

It's a Crossbridge tradition, in fact. The bridge might be wood, stone or steel. It might be a photo, painting or pencil sketch. It might be bright and bold or subtle and subdued. It might be a physical card or digital greeting.

Somehow, somewhere, there's always a bridge.

It took awhile, several years in fact. But once the client made the association between the image on the card and the company name, it stuck. Now, when he receives a card with a snowy bridge, he knows it's probably from me and Crossbridge, even before he sees the signature.

This experience was a useful reminder. In marketing and branding, repetition matters. Consistency matters. Persistence matters.

This year is winding to a close. People all over the world are taking a break to celebrate the season with family, friends and loved ones. It's a wonderful tradition that marks the transition from one year to the bright promise of the next.

As you map a course from where you are today to where you want to be next year, remember: There's always a bridge.

Best wishes to you for a joyous holiday and happy, prosperous new year.

Image © Century Greetings


Anonymous said...

As one fortunate enough to receive your lovely holiday cards, I have found myself looking forward to this years bridge. Also, as one who recognized the tie in, it makes it that much more engaging to see what this year's bridge would be. A good reminder that consistency and repetition works with the branding.

Barbara Spencer Hawk said...

Thanks for sharing your feedback and insights, they're much appreciated.

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