Manufacturing | Who's Going to Build the Robots?

A vibrant, innovative manufacturing sector is crucial to a healthy economy.

It's possible I've mentioned that before, which may be why a reader, Jonathan Bentz of ProspectMX, shared the following infographic.

Produced by Kuka Robotics, it highlights why robots are valuable in manufacturing and how they help create jobs in the US.

Yes, you read that right: Robots help create jobs for Americans.

The graphic makes a connection between robots, automation and reshoring, and it counters the myth that automation is the root cause for the loss of manufacturing jobs in the US.

Robots And Automation Bring Jobs Back To The U.S.

The AJ Sweatt quote in the infographic comes from his article, Challenging the 'Manufacturing Labor Shortage vs. Automation' Myth. It's well worth reading the entire thing.

In it, Sweatt, a business and communications consultant, makes compelling points about productivity, automation, labor shortages and the truth about who's buying automation technology.

He also raises an equally compelling question: Who's going to build all the robots?

Good question. Because if we don't build them, someone else will.


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