Q&A | What's the Manufacturing Connection?

In the past few weeks, a number of people have asked why manufacturing is such a popular topic on the Crossbridge blog.

Here's the answer. From the beginning, Crossbridge has been directly and indirectly involved with a wide range of manufacturing issues.

Perhaps the best way to provide context is to share a few brief highlights for some of our manufacturing-related projects. These include:

Maintenance Training: Horizontal 5-Axis Machine Tool | Makino
Goal: Design, develop and beta test an intensive five-day, hands-on maintenance training program for the multi-axis A55 Delta machine tool

Field Service Engineer Certification Process Pyramid | Makino
Goal:  Design, map and illustrate a critical new certification and training model

Field Service Engineer Certification & Career Map | Makino
Goal: Decipher, organize and illustrate certification criteria and map the path for advancement

Decision Tools for Lean Manufacturing Environments | TechSolve, Inc.
Goal: Research, design, develop and beta test a unique Lean thinking and process optimization training program

Lean Innovation | TechSolve, Inc.
Goal: Capture a range of techniques to help companies take a fresh, innovative look at products, processes and potential opportunities

Lean for the Machine | TechSolve, Inc.
Goal: Develop a training program that effectively demonstrates stages and methods for removing costs from the part production process

Goal: Capture successful cross-selling examples and develop a multipurpose case study presentation

SuperConcentrates Sales Launch | The Polar Companies
Goal: Develop a presentation to introduce the new super-concentrated industrial cleaners to the sales force and outline the sales strategy

Industrial Cleaning Product Sheets | The Polar Companies
Goal: Design a versatile model, then capture and present product information, decision-making comparisons and safety information for several industrial cleaning product lines

Business Plan | Machining Consulting Services
Goal: Work with top management to define a clear vision and document a crisp, focused and clear five-year plan

Goal: Define, document and illustrate a meaningful mentoring model designed to successfully shepherd manufacturing students through high school and college and into careers; this same model is being successfully adapted to other technical education tracks as well

Packaging Engineering Technology | Sinclair Community College
Goal: Develop the script and visuals for a descriptive presentation to promote one of the first Packaging Engineering Technology programs

Advanced Manufacturing Education | Sinclair Community College
Goal: Design, develop and produce more than 15 critical deliverables, ranging from initial concepts to  pivotal process models, annual reports vital for continued funding, PowerPoint presentations, executive summaries, a journal article and more (long-term effort)

Project lists can be boring, so I’ve kept it brief and focused on some of the most significant efforts. The linked projects are online and can be shared, but others are not available for public consumption.

In every instance, we collaborated with client teams to capture critical content, map or refine processes, ensure technical accuracy and achieve the defined goals. Success was truly a shared endeavor.
So, how do manufacturing and Crossbridge connect? Manufacturing issues have always been and continue to be an important part of our business. These issues interest many clients as well, so of course I write about these topics from time to time.

The fact that the people and organizations involved in manufacturing are also interesting, always evolving, and a crucial part of our local, regional and national economies is just a bonus.




Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't realize all the things you do. Thanks for sharing, that information will be useful for future plans. Love your blog - enlightening, useful and entertaining. Good job.

Barbara Spencer Hawk said...

Yes, Crossbridge has experience in a range of industries, including manufacturing, high-tech AV and IT to name just a few.

Thanks for your feedback, sounds like you're planning some big things for the future. Good for you!

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