The Most Successful Company You've Never Heard Of

Northwestern Mutual may be the most successful company you’ve never heard of.

It is, according to CEO John Schlifske, the tortoise not the hare.

Why? Its goal is to move slowly, steadily and surely toward success and wealth creation for the company, employees and clients.

Clearly, Northwestern is accomplishing these objectives.

In 2011, revenues exceeded $24 billion, Fortune Magazine named it the World’s Most Admired Insurance Company, and it ranked 112 on the Fortune 500 list. Four years in a row, Business Week named it one of the top 50 companies with which to launch a career.

After hearing Schlifske and Steve Forbes speak on the Power of a Game Plan and meeting a number of Northwestern up-and-comers, I decided to learn more.

Northwestern is always seeking high caliber candidates who fit the success profile developed from its 155 years of experience. It emphasizes three key points for those considering a career with the company.
  1. Independence. Northwestern financial representatives have a great deal of flexibility and control over their time and immediate focus, and the company encourages and rewards entrepreneurial drive. Performance and results, not the time clock, determine success.
  2. Impact. Northwestern  representatives help clients gain security, achieve their financial goals and build wealth. It’s a career that adds value to and makes an important difference in people’s lives, which means representatives can genuinely feel good about the work they do.
  3. Income. There’s no limit to the amount of money an energetic, focused representative can earn, so a career with Northwestern can provide a lifestyle many desire but only a few attain. The company also offers management opportunities for those who demonstrate leadership qualities.
Success is not guaranteed, so Northwestern representatives must be self-directed, motivated and diligent.

However, if you’re a new college grad or career changer seeking a career that offers independence, impact and significant income potential, perhaps you should visit the Northwestern Mutual website to learn more.



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