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Angela Zhang of Cupertino, California, has identified a smart, less invasive way to attack and possibly cure cancer.

A student at Monta Vista High School and the daughter of Chinese immigrants, Angela took the initiative to research known and emerging technology, science and medical capabilities.

Then, she combined them into an innovative approach with remarkable potential.

Her concept is simple and elegant in its logic:

Mix cancer medicine in a polymer attached to nanoparticles. Find a way to attach the nanoparticles to cancer cells, so they show up on an MRI and indicate where cancerous tumors are located. Aim an infrared light at the tumors to melt the polymers. The medicine is released in a highly targeted manner, killing the cancer cells and leaving healthy cells unharmed.

“I’m excited to learn just everything possible,” Angela said. “Everything in the sciences – biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, even computer science – to make new innovations possible.”

To start your week on an inspiring note, watch the video.

As educators and business people, we need to ask ourselves the same questions Angela asked: Why not? What is there to lose? What puzzle can we tackle and decode? What has the potential to transform life, work or the world we live in?

Learn. Innovate. Inspire.


Sunday Morning - CBS News: Calif. HS Student Devises Possible Cancer Cure, by Steve Hartman


Anonymous said...

I saw this too. Great to see you are mentioning this in your blog. She is an inspiring young woman. We could all benefit from this positive attitude!

Barbara Spencer Hawk said...

She is inspiring, isn't she? A questioning mind coupled with initiative and action. We could learn from her.

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