Price Pressure | Are You Holding the Line?

Price pressure is alive and well, and it's affecting every business and sector.

How do we know?

Last week, Bob Chapman, Sandler Sales coach, conducted a Price Pressure mini-workshop hosted by Dickman Industrial & Electrical Supply for the Sidney-Shelby County Chamber of Commerce.

Among the nearly 40 participants, the consensus was clear: Price pressure is present in every segment of the market place. We're all feeling it and we're all struggling to find effective ways to hold the line.

Sound familiar? If so, you'll want to attend one of Bob's workshops. You'll also want to read the price pressure white paper and article series, which includes:

White Paper | Is Price Pressure Hurting Your Bottom Line?
Price Pressure | New Survey Results
Price Pressure | Self-Inflicted Wounds
Price Pressure | Death by a Thousand Cuts
Price Pressure | External Forces
Price Pressure | Internal Forces

You'll be surprised by the many forms price pressure can take and find practical, useful ways to counter it to protect your bottom line.

Meanwhile, do you have a price pressure tale to tell? What were the circumstances? Did you hold the line or cave? Did you land or lose the bid or contract? Was that the right decision for you and your company? What advice would you share?

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