B2B Blogs | 5 Fast Ways to Cite Sources

If you've posted original B2B content online, it's likely portions have been taken and used without proper credit, whether you know it or not. Poaching is so common, it's also easy to assume the worst.

There are many ways in print and online to provide citations for practical B2B content. I use a variety of methods on this site and in work produced for clients.

Here are five fast ways to cite your sources:

1. Weave the source name into your article
In the book, The Success Principles, Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer ...
(To see the example in context, go to The Power of Persistence)

2. Embed a hyperlink that connects the reader to the source
I recently read Competitive Intelligence Advantage, by Seena Sharp.
(To see the example in context, go to Competitive Intelligence)

3. Provide a brief cite at the end of the sentence or paragraph
... the first crucial step in rebranding. (Differentiate or Die)
(To see the example in context, go to Brand v. Branding | What's in a Name?)

4. Use numbers that correlate to a reference list
Seth Godin declared there was no such thing as price pressure. (1)
(To see the example in context, go to Is Price Pressure Affecting Your Bottom Line?)

5. Provide a general reference at the end of the article
Related: Google Search and Search Engine Spam
(To see the example in context, go to SEO | What is Low-Quality Content?)

See how easy that is? Just use the approach that works for you, be consistent and keep it simple.


To see an easy, non-intrusive approach for citations in print documents, check out Price Pressure | Is it Hurting Your Bottom Line?
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