SEO | What is High-Quality Content?

Now that Google is actively rewarding quality, we've taken a look at what constitutes low-quality website and blog content.

So, what is high-quality content?

The Official Google Blog provides some clues. “[The new algorithm] will provide better rankings for high-quality sites – sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on,” according to Amit Singhal and Matt Cutts on the Official Google Blog.

It’s unclear what this really means and how Google intends to cull and classify information. For now, anyway, Google is presumably placing greater value on:
Original content displayed in any format, from text to graphics, photos, audio and video
Research efforts, methodologies and findings of all types
In-depth reports, again of all types and in all categories
Thoughtful analysis, which is open to broad interpretation
I confess, I’m tempted to test these criteria by posting an article called “Develop Original Content & Thoughtful Analysis from In-Depth Reports & Research Activities.” Or, perhaps a better title might be “How In-Depth Research Reports Lead to Original Content & Thoughtful Analysis.” (Hmmmn ...)

In upcoming articles, we’ll look more closely at the many ways you and your small business can use these new criteria to gain greater online visibility. Meanwhile, it's good to know that even online, quality still counts.

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