Start the New Year Right

It's the start of a bright new year. I hope 2010 treated you well, and 2011 brings you great success.

As soon as the celebratory buzz dies down, take time to make one quick change to your website or business blog. Update the copyright date that typically appears somewhere in the footer of the template. Whether you do this yourself or contact your web manager, make sure the copyright indicates 2011.

Why? Most search engines evaluate how current a website or blog is. Many factors influence that evaluation, and one is the copyright date. In combination with other elements, a current copyright date can boost online findability and search engine rankings.

There's another reason to make this change. During a recent search, I found a valuable, content-rich website that appeared useful. I don't remember the site name and didn't save the link. The last update occurred in 2007, which meant the content was four years old and no longer fresh or relevant. Newness isn't always essential, but in this case it was. I quickly moved on with my search.

So, be sure to change your copyright date to 2011. Take this step, even if it has no apparent effect on your search engine rankings. This simple change signals to prospects, customers and colleagues you're still in business, which in itself is a significant achievement in these economic times. It indicates you monitor and update your online marketing presence to keep it current, which is equally important.
Finally, it's one small task you can put on your To Do list, then immediately mark DONE. What a great way to start the year.

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