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We landed a $1 million contract today. The work Crossbridge has done for us not only contributed to this coup, it’s what positioned us to compete in the first place. JON DAVIS, PRESIDENT/OWNER
Company Profile

Sight & Sound Productions offers state-of-the-art AV equipment services to business, industry and government. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, it also provides state-of-the-art staging and events production, including audio, video and special effects for corporate meetings, product launches and themed events.


The company faced a classic array of challenges. It was suffering from a crisis-driven approach, lack of overall vision and strategic plan, lack of sufficient personnel for day-to-day operations, low risk tolerance, and erratic marketing and advertising. The CEO and president wanted to stabilize the company and move to the next level, even if it meant stepping outside their comfort zones.


Crossbridge conducted a no-holds-barred strategic analysis to benchmark marketing, advertising and public relations. (We call these tough, honest analyses Steel Briefs.) We then developed and helped implement a cohesive Strategic MAP for Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations to boost brand recognition, image and performance. Elements included a corporate brochure, logo redesign, website restructure and cleanup, product and service sales materials, targeted proposals for high-value business, customer contact packages and newsletters, and ongoing PR and ad campaigns.


The concerted focus on solidifying foundations and then tackling growth helped transform the company. It began to land long-term, high-dollar contracts, many of which exceeded $1 million. It developed a reputation for excellent technology, reliable service and memorable events. Within three years, Sight & Sound had grown into a $3.5 million company,

The company continues to flourish. Sight & Sound Productions is the premier meeting and event company in the Florida First Coast region, and it has developed a national reputation. It recently acquired Mugwump Productions, and in combination, the two companies deliver leading-edge technology, unique themes and dramatic focal elements for meetings, events and large-scale celebrations.

Sight & Sound Acquires Mugwump Productions
In the News (Jon Davis, CEO, Sight & Sound Productions)

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