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Don’t you love the start of a fresh new year, with all the promise and possibilities it offers? Take a moment to relish that sensation.

Now take another moment to update the copyright date on your B2B blog and company website.

Whether you do this yourself, delegate it to a resident techy, or assign it to your blog and web managers, make sure it happens.

Why? Displaying a current copyright date:
  • Affects search engine rankings
  • Boosts online findability
  • Tells prospects and customers you’re current and up to date
  • Confirms you’re still in business
  • Demonstrates you actively manage your online presence

Do it now. It’s a small but important thing. The bonus? You start the year with one task marked DONE.

Feels good, doesn’t it?




Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder... an easy one to forget.

Barbara Spencer Hawk said...

You're welcome, it is easy to forget in the press of day-to-day business. It's mid-January and many sites have yet to update their copyright.

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